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 Fully Booked for 2017

Due to popular demand, please contact us early if you want us to put on a display at your event. 
There is a limit on the number of events we can attend in 2017

Click the link for photos and scroll down to see our show blogs!



2017 Events

Saturday 29th April

Higham Exhibition


Saturday 24th June

Fylde Vintage Weekend


Saturday 8th July

St Elizabeth's Horwich


Saturday 22nd July

Littleborough Rushbearing Festival


Sunday 30th July

RSPCA Altham


Sunday 13th August

Friends of Broadhurst Park Community Group Festival


Saturday 19th August

Fylde Food and Farm Festival


Sunday 1st October

Pendleside Hospice Barrowford


Higham Exhibition ~ Saturday 29th April

The weather was kind to us on our first show of the season being mild and still, perfect for the dogs to perform at their best which is exactly what they did. We had several relatively new dogs in the show and they all performed like old hands.

The audience was very complimentary with our commentator even being accosted by someone in Tesco in Great Harwood after the show to be told how much they had enjoyed it!

Fylde Vintage Weekend ~ Saturday 24th June

After the heatwave of last week conditions were perfect for our displays at Fylde, after the threat of rain it remained warm and dry. As usual the all dogs did their best and their performances were greeted by appreciative audiences with a larger crowd gathering in the afternoon.

Cedar Avenue Village Green Fete ~ Saturday 8th July

Great team effort at this show with Gill making an excellent job of taking over the commentary despite a few technical hitches.

It was a lovely sunny day, a bit too warm for the dogs maybe but it guaranteed plenty of visitors to watch our shows.

The dogs were brilliant, with some of them being asked to perform their tricks in front of an audience for the first time.

It really was a day to remember!

Littleborough ~ Saturday 22nd July

We were lucky with the weather yet again, it stopped raining as we arrived and was a warm sunny day with large appreciative crowds.

We had two dogs making their debut and both fitted in as if they had been performing for years, well done Belle and Penny!

A good day was had by all!






RSPCA ~ Sunday 30th June  Cancelled due to flooded field!

Friends of Broadhurst Park ~ Sunday 13th August

A new venue for us and a great success! Lots of families with children who all came to say hello to the dogs after our shows and were so enthusiastic! They seem keen to have us again next year, hope they can book the good weather that we had too!

Fylde Food and Farm Festival ~ Saturday 19th August

A quiet show where we tried some new activities with a bit of racing thrown in!

Paws in the Park~Sunday1st October

A very enjoyable last show of the season again. Nearly all the members were able to attend and even the weather held out after a very bad forecast

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