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Due to popular demand, please contact us early if you want us to put on a display at your event. 
There is a limit on the number of events we can attend in 2017

Click the link for photos and scroll down to see our show blogs!



2018 Events

Saturday 5th May

Higham Exhibition


Sunday 24th June



Saturday 7th July

St Elizabeth's Horwich


Saturday 21nd July

Littleborough Rushbearing Festival


Sunday 5th August

Friends of Broadhurst Park Community Group Festival


Sunday 16th September

RSPCA Huncoat


Higham Exhibition ~ Saturday 5th May

An excellent start to this years show season, this is a lovely venue for us with a very appreciative audience; even the weather was good! The dogs performed to their usual high standard and our new dog Gem fitted in very well, we now have two junior handlers who enjoy coming to shows with their dogs. Well done everybody!

Classic Vehicle Show Towneley ~ Sunday 24th June

A cloudless blue sky promised a scorching day an so it turned out. The crowds flock in even though England were playing a world cup match and we had a large appreciative audience for both our shows.

Patrick made his debut on the commentary an gave a very witty performance which everyone enjoyed. Milo stood in for Saffy and after charging the generator then escaping and making a dash for the car at the beginning of the first show he performed very well.

Despite the heat all the dogs put in good performances, luckily we were parked in the shade and had a bit of respite between shows. Well done to Gem on her first attempt at the high jump and nice to see Gary and Jess tidying up after our drunken intruder. Well done!

Cedar Avenue Village Green Fete Horwich ~ Saturday 7th July

The continuing heat wave meant that we had to cut down to one display! We also decided not to use the high platform or do the fire hoops, there were moorland fires burning above Horwich - a bit of a change from getting out the waterproofs and much harder to deal with - keeping the dogs cool. We did manage the one show then headed for home!


Littleborough Rushbearing ~ Saturday 21st July

The weather was perfect for this show, warm and overcast. We had brilliant audiences for both displays, very appreciative and the dogs enjoyed performing for them and getting stroked afterwards! Well done everybody!

Friends of Broadhurst Park ~ Sunday 5th August

The heatwave continues and yet again our main problem was keeping cool! Lovely family atmosphere with appreciative audiences for both our shows. We did survive the heat just and as usual our dogs did us proud!

RSPCA Dogs Day Out ~ Sunday 16th September

A very wet last show of the season, but a success never the less with 40 people braving the elements to 'have a go' at agility and raising funds for the animal centre at the same time. Saffy got the ball and dropped it out of the kennel, but wasn't too keen on coming out herself; business as usual for the collies though!

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